Job Vacancies

New Media Planning and Operational Director Requirements:

  • Be in charge of the planning and operation of our media platform and entertainment content related to new media.
  • Be responsible for planning of promotions, organizing and coordinating the overall operation plan of the company's new media project as well as tracking the project and adjusting strategies.
  • Hold a bachelor degree or above, and more than 5 years of planning experience.
  • Possess a strong ave understanding of the present market situation and trends in the new media industry.
  • Ability to create and document strategy and schemes for case planning and complete proposals independently.
  • Have very strong skills in interpersonal relations and the integrating of various resources team management.

Project Supervisor Requirements:

  • Have extensive resources in public relatioms, entertainment content, culture, media and other fields.
  • Be good at developing and promoting specific projects operated by the company independently or in cooperation with others.
  • Hold a bachelor degree or above, and more than 3 years of work experience in related field.
  • Have a strong capacity for management, organization and coordination, and be capable of leading a team to work effectively;

Brand Content Marketing Manager Requirements:

  • Have over 2 years of industry experience in advertising or brand content marketing, and an in-depth understanding of placement marketing.
  • Have a strong team work spirit and marketing ability, and be able to manage a small team effectively.
  • Have plenty of brand service experience, and can take charge of the coordination and supervision over execution of brand resources.
  • Candidates with customer resources are preferred.

PR manager Requirements:

  • Female, 24~28 years old, with good appearance and temperament.
  • Hold a bachelor degree or above, and more than 1 year of experience. Candidates with good English communication skills are preferred.
  • Be good at communication, interpersonal relations and join in social activities.
  • Be capable to actively maintain good and trustful client relations.